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I LOVE this Woman Florence Welch is just beautiful in so many ways

I LOVE this Woman Florence Welch is just beautiful in so many ways

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Cooking - Is It really As Simple As People Make Out?

Give me a whisk and flour with eggs and I can bake a cake no questions asked. I always try and change other people’s ideas and make them my own, I swear by Vanilla Flavoring, I add it to EVERYTHING… Biscuits, Chocolate Cake, Cup Cakes, Muffins anything.

However, Cooking I just not get the hang of. I Burn sausages for god sake… Who burns sausages? I can just about make Egg and bacon sandwiches and even that can be a challenge. I am 20 years old and Im looking to have a house of my own, but how? How can I do such a thing without being able to cook?

Don’t get me wrong, I love to try Im always looking at recipes and looking in CookBooks - I just cannot get the hang of it. But and this is a huge BUT… I am gonna try by starting with simple Soup Recipes.

I love the idea of being like a typical old housewife.. Back in the 40’s, 50’s (but one that works Obviously!) Baking, Cooking (from scratch) with wearing an apron washing up as I go along wearing fluffy marigolds (Kim and Aggie style!)

But I need to learn how to not burn Sausages.  

I have always loved looking at wallpaper and I used to collect samples when i was younger.

These two samples I think are beautiful so I thought I’d share :)

More can be found on cole and sons.

I think this song is great, It made me see people in a different light. This song can relate to many situations.

This album is one of my favorites.. Truly Great.

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